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B2W Co-Founder Rick Stephens answers the 5 most frequently asked questions about this course.

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New Birth2Work OpEd:

What Do Employers Want of Today's Grads?

Hint: It's not just what they are learning at school.

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The definitive Birth2Work White Paper highlighting the evolution of the organization and guiding principles.

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The goal for parents today

is to determine how best to raise their children so that no matter what social or economic situation exists in the future, they will be ready to thrive.

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Elane and Rick: Leaders in the Field

Elane V. Scott

Elane V. Scott

Birth2Work Co-Founder

Rick Stephens

Rick Stephens

Birth2Work Co-Founder

In 1998, Rick and Elane began a journey that has enabled them to integrate their knowledge, thinking, insights and processes on the most pressing issue that faces our society today: ensuring that parents, business leaders, educators, government, media, healthcare, and community organization leaders share information and collaborate to create successful families, communities and businesses for the future.