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Bring a Partner! Bring Your Teen!

We know that when families learn together and are able to support each other, they get better results!

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Technology's Impact on Childhood Learning and Literacy

A collection of articles covering aspects of the current technologically enhanced environment that shapes children's lives.

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focuses on understanding the dynamic systems that impact each human being from the time they are born to the time they enter the workforce.

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covers an extraordinary breadth of topics, bringing questions on current and relevant topics to guests who are working to affect sustainable, cultural and behavioral change.

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Elane and Rick: Leaders in the Field

Elane V. Scott

Elane V. Scott

Birth2Work Co-Founder

Rick Stephens

Rick Stephens

Birth2Work Co-Founder

In 1998, Rick and Elane began a journey that has enabled them to integrate their knowledge, thinking, insights and processes on the most pressing issue that faces our society today: ensuring that parents, business leaders, educators, government, media, healthcare, and community organization leaders share information and collaborate to create successful families, communities and businesses for the future.