When Parents Lead, Children Succeed

About Birth2Work

Birth2Work is a nexus for the sharing and synthesis of information in support of parents, grandparents/retired professionals, and community stakeholders who are committed to preparing children to successfully transition into adulthood.

Birth2Work believes that in order to thrive in the 21st century economy as capable, thoughtful citizens, with skills to compete in the workforce, young people need leadership right from birth. Hence the company name, “Birth – to – Work.”

This website explores the very best ideas and actions our team has developed to ensure every child’s successful transition into adulthood. Birth2Work offers parents and families guidance to develop their potential. A potential that is not determined by any particular cultural background, nationality, demographic, or social status. But rather, one that is cultivated within the parent's heart, strengthened by the desire to lead each child in the family to become his or her very best.

Birth2Work co-founders Elane V. Scott and Rick Stephens have common experiences in many aspects of leadership, health and human development, brain growth, education, achieving human potential, technology, economics and systems dynamics. But, it was the pairing of his powerful leadership model with her dynamic family management approach where they found they could best nurture anyone raising children.

Together they began working on issues of education and future workforce development in the late 1990s. At that time, they frequently distilled the challenges associated with getting young people prepared for the future down to this single quote:

“We are attempting to educate students today so that they will be ready to solve future problems not yet identified, using technologies not yet invented, based on scientific knowledge not yet discovered.” - Joseph Lagowski, University of Texas at Austin Professor Emeritus

Today, this headline most accurately sums up a more contemporary challenge for parents preparing their kids for the future:

“How Not to Be Replaced by Robots: Better Brush Up on Your Social Skills”- Victoria Stilwell, Bloomberg Business

Many of the issues facing parents today are unique to our time, especially those related to the ever growing influence of technology in our every day lives. But even without precedent, these challenges are not impossible to overcome. It will take a step change in leadership on the part of parents, in addition to new tools for effectively establishing the family’s long term goals. We invite you learn more about the The Big Picture» and targeted solutions by reading through this website, signing up to receive our newsletters (scroll down on the home page), and making a plan to attend one of our upcoming classes soon to be in your area.