When Parents Lead, Children Succeed

Our Leaders

Elane V. Scott and Rick Stephens

A Partnership Focused on Creating Capable Citizens for the Future

Elane V. Scott’s early career in advertising focused on a how to drive human behavior and choice around consumer products. She learned how brain research was used to target personal product decision-making. Using the same tools, she chose to change her focus to helping parents, and community professionals, understand how they could shape and positively impact the people in their lives. She has worked in nearly every economic sector, and played a key role in creating global workforce development strategies in STEM. She continues to study and apply the latest research on brain and human development to help ensure the success of children and families.

Rick Stephens retired from The Boeing Company after a 33-year career, including his final eight years as the leader of Human Resources and Administration. His focus has been on leadership and managing complex business and technical challenges, including those related to Boeing’s Space Shuttle and Homeland Security businesses. He has spoken to thousands around the globe on workforce development, was inducted in the National Management Association Hall of Fame, supported three U.S. Cabinet Secretaries, has testified before Congress, and served on the U.S. President’s Council for Tribal Colleges.

Elane and Rick aligned and integrated their diverse backgrounds and perspectives to create Birth2Work with a focus on helping parents and grandparents grasp the lifetime significance of their family roles - from raising children to that of leading their families toward successful futures.