When Parents Lead, Children Succeed

Our Leaders

Elane V. Scott and Rick Stephens

A Partnership Focused on Creating Capable Citizens for the Future

Spurred by a then new seminar on how to improve your baby’s intelligence course in 1978, Elane V. Scott has devoted her life to helping parents understand the key concepts and principles associated with accelerated brain growth and human development. Her Communications degree, early career in marketing and advertising, marriage to a high school teacher/guidance counselor, and the raising of two successful daughters, has complemented and supported her efforts. With personal experience in many realms of education, from classroom to district administration, Elane has seen first-hand what Birth2Work holds as its key tenet: Through guidance and mentorship, parents are able to ensure their children will be capable adults who are ready to be responsible citizens, able to be economically self-sufficient, and ready to respond to any issue in a way that would allow them to be successful.

In 1998 she met Rick Stephens who, at the time, was leading the Human Space Flight business of Boeing. They began then what has turned out to be a rich partnership in the sharing of knowledge and insights into the development of parents, grandparents/retired professionals, and community stakeholder into leaders.

As the leader of the Human Space Flight business of The Boeing Company in 1998, Rick Stephens was challenged with the prospect of significant near-term losses in his aerospace engineering workforce. Strikingly, he saw that fewer and fewer students were pursuing technical degrees which would prepare them to enter the industry and replace those preparing to retire. In response, Rick undertook a journey to understand the history, key issues, opportunities and approaches that might help ensure the availability of talent necessary to sustain and grow the aerospace business he was responsible for.

He met Elane while visiting a summer session of Boeing’s Summer Science Camp, a Southern California science and math educational outreach program, he helped develop. Elane was attending as a parent volunteer as her youngest daughter was an annual participant. Though Boeing regularly hosted educational outreach programs, one of which had recently graduated over 1,000 participants, Elane challenged Rick saying “You can do more!” Flabbergasted by the statement, he pressed her to help him understand more. They explored the broader issues associated with the “educational system”, why it wasn’t producing enough students that businesses are expected to need, and what he could do about it.

As the leader of a business that required large scale systems integration, and with strong knowledge of processes aimed at bringing about organizational change, Rick and Elane have worked to integrate their knowledge, thinking, insights and processes on the most pressing issue that faces our society today: ensuring that parents, grandparents/retired professionals, and community leaders prepare our children to successfully transition to adulthood.