When Parents Lead, Children Succeed

Grandparents & Retired Professionals

All of us can remember adults who had a major impact on our attitudes, perspectives and beliefs as we were growing up. Parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, coaches, and camp counselors all have the potential to be role models and mentors when inspired by the idea that the wisdom they have learned as professionals is valued and worth sharing with others.

Retired professionals are those individuals with decades of experience in either business, the trades, service, or industry. They have left the workforce with the potential to use their wisdom, life skills and insight to impact the community in which they live. They may volunteer in education or mentor young adults. With a life full of experiences and a set of core (life affirming) principles of success, retirees can become a powerful support for parents in their community.

Too often, though, those who have finished their careers feel they are not in step with parents of youth. Most retired professionals had a very different experience growing up and raising their own children than today’s parents.

The digital divide did not exist. Most of the children back then grew up spending extensive time outside playing ball, hide 'n' seek, and the like; not on computers or connected to the world through earphones and text messages.

Issues of global competition and rapidly changing technology did not exist. Yet, as pointed out in the Parents» section of our website, the principles of raising children have not changed.

In the future, Birth2Work will be offering a class for retired professionals and grandparents to help them understand the key issues faced by those raising young children today, providing insights, training, and support so that those who have completed their career and are ready to give back can do so with confidence.

Our recommendation is that already retired professionals read the Birth2Work white paper» that started it all, listen to these foundational Birth2work Radio Shows» with Rick and Elane, and sign up with us to receive information on one of the Birth2Work Retired Professional courses coming up near you. Further, for those whose children have attended, or plan on attending, Birth2Work’s Leading Your Child to Success class, discuss it with your children. Or better yet, attend the class yourself! The insights and perspectives you receive will open your eyes about the experiences and wisdom you bring to your family and your community.