When Parents Lead, Children Succeed

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Leading Your Child to Success is an engaging, hands-on seminar aimed at providing parents, and all those who want to be part of the life of a child, with the key concepts, basic knowledge, and pro-active strategies to help them prepare that child for the future. We believe that when parents lead, children succeed.

This seminar is the combined vision of Birth2Work's founders - two people who together have committed more than 45 years to the discovery and practice of principles behind the development of successful people.

By the time parents finish the course, they will understand, have practiced, and be ready to implement key actions that will help them:

  1. Define a realistic goal for their child’s future and the steps to achieve it;
  2. Understand how learning happens everywhere every day by using the 3 E’s approach: Environment, Experience, and Engagement;
  3. Apply the Functional Family Portfolio: a guide to managing the mental, emotional and financial resources necessary to prepare children to learn and create value;
  4. Consult the Readiness Profile, a guide to activities that ensure physical, cognitive, emotional, social and life skills from ages 0-18.

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No matter where you plan to raise your children, learning the principles that are basic to leading them to find their life’s purpose are universal and a must for every parent.

This, class is not just for parents, but for anyone regularly involved in the life of a child. The insights and perspectives you receive will open your eyes about the experiences and wisdom you bring to your family and your community.

Each initial, full price registrant is invited to bring one relative (spouse/partner or grandparent) to the class for half off the full price registration fee.

Further, parents with children aged 12-18 are welcome to bring them to the class - free of charge - to learn and participate alongside their parents. (Please no children under 12).

We know that when families learn together and are able to support each other, they get better results!

Birth2Work is ready to help you Lead Your Child to Success!