When Parents Lead, Children Succeed

Community Stakeholder Workshops

Parents, community stakeholders, retired professionals, and all others involved with the growth and development of children, must believe in their own efforts to make a difference for the youth in their care. They must discover their strengths, and be challenged to reach their full potential – in their personal, family, work and community lives.

Birth2Work Stakeholder Workshops, brought to communities on an individually requested basis, are designed to excite the whole person in the context of their community. In so doing, leading to a self-reliant perspective, an appreciation of individual thought, and a framework for attendees to experience the value of community and the power of interdependence. The resulting sense of personal responsibility linked with accountability to the community, provides the critical foundation for building life-long familial success within a stable community.

Our approach is based on a seven point framework of functional family life: Leadership, Living Space and Support Network, Well-Being, Balanced Engagement, Education and Experience, Fulfillment, and Investment and Renewal. These quality fundamentals are the basis for building personal, family and community engagement and support. Personal responsibility and accountability to the group are requirements.

The success of Birth2Work, especially for the new parent, is rooted in its innovative and integrative approach:

  • Priority is placed on developing strong human growth and development skills;
  • Instilling a commitment to the importance of life-long learning, beginning at birth;
  • Providing the opportunity to practice and habituate new attitudes and behaviors over time - in a workshop setting, with family, and out in the community, allowing participants to try and try again, with peer support and teacher guidance
  • Participants in our workshops are embraced by an overall tone of positive expectancy, trust, accountability, and stress fairness, generosity, and tolerance. Our participants learn how to learn, and to provide a safe and nurturing environment for themselves and their families.

    Knowing who you are and how to go about establishing your place in the community for yourself and your family means you will have established:

  • Vision, mission and purpose - individual, family and career (or future path);
  • Tools for life-long change – habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations that lead to success
  • If you think the beginning is a tough place to start thinking about a plan for life, try letting the world make a plan for you. It will be much harder to manage and to control. Parents, community stakeholders and retired professionals bring a critical, full-circle perspective to the development of the lives of children, families, and communities.

    The Birth2Work team wants to share our vision and dream of the future with you.