When Parents Lead, Children Succeed

Six Step Process

The key leaders of the Birth2Work team have spent over 30 years learning to understand communities, education, systems, processes, and leadership, and have put in place the Birth2Work Community Change Process for bringing together the six economic sectors: business, education, government, media, healthcare, and community-based organizations. Together with Parents and Retired Professionals, Stakeholder Leaders from within the six sectors can lead the change necessary to ensure life-long familial and educational success within stable communities.

The Community Change Process is an amalgamation of common ground, large scale systems integration, and demonstrated concepts and tools used to create capable people. Each of the six steps requires either synthesis of a plan, determinations of new measures of success, or engagement with the community-at-large; that is, stakeholders from the business, government, health, media, non-profit, and education sectors. To transform our nation’s workforce, it is not enough to target changes in the formal education system alone. Changes geared toward inclusion of the community surrounding each school will result in buy-in and long-lasting support.

Birth2Work is not a politically driven organization, and the development of successful, capable people for tomorrow's workforce should e should not be a politically driven topic. But with thousands of individual programs all exclusively targeting their own piece of the education crisis, there has yet to be an implementable plan, supported by the community in which each school exists, to nurture the development of young citizens.