When Parents Lead, Children Succeed

Leading Yourself to Success - Alpine High School

Inspired by her own attendance of Birth2Work’s Leading Your Child to Success seminar, Alpine High School Principal Panchi Scown realized many of the students in her Texas high school could be helped by a program that helped them focus on life management skills and career goals. So the principal brought forth the idea of adapting Birth2Work’s seminal family and community leadership seminar for students at the high school level. Leading Your Child to Success is designed to teach family and life leadership principles to adults who have children, grandchildren, or work with children. High school students, who volunteered for the class, explored career goals and developed realistic plans for post-high school education, employment, and life management, so that when they were ready to graduate from high school they would have a plan for their future that went beyond just continuing their education.

During the 2016-17 school year, nearly 40 students attended the classes that focused on goal setting, communication and engagement, personal finance, and many strategic lessons to help guide students and prepare them for life after high school. The course was taught by veteran and award-winning instructor Tamie Neu, also a part of the Birth2Work team. Student plans for higher education and career goals were important discussion topics for the class, which culminated in personal mentorship sessions with individuals in the community who held jobs and positions that the students aspired to. Some of the mentors were entrepreneurs who ran their own businesses, while other represented departments from Sul Ross State University, Big Bend Regional Medical Center, Big Bend Telephone, Homeland Security, and Texas Parks and Wildlife.

With the excitement and interest generated by the inaugural class, the plan is in motion to continue the class next fall.