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B2W Radio - Creating a Life of Your Own Design

B2W Radio - Creating a Life of Your Own Design

Hosted By:
Elane V. Scott
Featured Guest:
Judah Kurtz

Dear Stakeholder Leaders,

Welcome! This week’s featured Stakeholder Leader is life and business coach Judah S. Kurtz. I asked Judah to have this conversation with me because I believe the tools he has developed through his work can be immensely valuable for stakeholder leaders to apply in their respective fields. I began my own study and practice in life coaching nearly 20 years ago when I became acquainted with Thomas Leonard, a legendary founder of one of the first, formal life coaching and training programs in the country. His approach to helping people was by guiding them with great language tools and strong mentoring. I have applied the skills and techniques I learned from life coaching in every area of my life since, from raising my children to guiding my business.

Today's Life Coaching has its roots in the sports world, of course. Timothy Galway’s highly influential 1974 book, "The Inner Game of Tennis", was the first published work profiling a holistic approach to improving human performance. The basic idea is that learning to control one’s own mind—dominate the inner, mental game—while playing a sport helps individuals improve their performance well beyond endless physical training. Life coaches use a similar approach today, of developing mental excellence in clients to help them perform better in all kinds of areas, from business to personal growth. Life Coaches don't offer therapy or prescriptions, but are great listeners and immeasurably supportive. I hope from this conversation with Judah you will be able to, proverbially speaking, “unstick” yourself from any stuck perspectives you may be dealing with about how to add more value to your community, and re-approach your community leadership role at the top of your mental game. Stay engaged!

Elane V. Scott

June 2008
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