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B2W Radio - The Education System Beyond the Classroom - It's Everyone's Responsibility

B2W Radio - The Education System Beyond the Classroom - It's Everyone's Responsibility

Elane V. Scott
Rick Stephens
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Elane V. Scott

“Each child is like a blank slate upon which everyone they encounter leaves a mark." -- Chinese proverb

Dear Valued Stakeholders,

On Birth2Work Radio each week we aim to share with you smart, thoughtful and stimulating interviews with the neighbors you always wanted to know more about, but have never found the time to talk with. These are the people who have the willingness to do more than they’re paid to do in their job description, the life experience and wisdom to act effectively and collaboratively, and they are invested in doing whatever they can to make their neighborhoods and their communities a little better. In our work as consultants and trainers, we at Birth2Work often find we get our best insights about needed change and local improvements from these people who lead without a title. Our radio show guests are focused on the future. They know if they do the right things close to home, they will set the example for others to follow and assure everyone’s future. They are stakeholder leaders.

For the last five weeks, in particular, we’ve been sharing the stories and insights of stakeholder leaders who are a broader part of the education system than those who work strictly inside the classroom walls. The title of this series, “The Other 88%”, refers to the amount of time our young people are not within classroom walls, and the need to consider the people and activities in the community that become kids’ teachers in the rest of their lives. Regulars in the classroom know that looking for answers to declining academic performance, obesity, and increased drop-out rates, solely within the time and space that kids spend at school is useless.

We called this series “The Other 88%” to encourage you, our listeners, to broaden your perspective of the term “education system”. While schools are the physical buildings in which students and adults gather to transfer knowledge, the education system we refer to includes the hundreds of people and places that touch our children’s lives and inevitably build their knowledge of the culture, behavior, caring, understanding about how success is rewarded, and what core values to have. All of these things also educate our children about how to be the workers and citizens of the future. We call it “civic capacity”. In this program, co-host Rick Stephens and I go back and forth to bring you a show charged with many of the foundational concepts that drive Birth2Work and drive the actions that we take to increase civic capacity in communities around the country.

We believe that everybody in a community has a hand in the development of every child who lives there– from the time they are born to the time they begin contributing back to society through their employment, as capable, workers and leaders. We also believe that whether or not you have children of your own, it is crucial for you to value their presence. Every community needs a steady, growing supply of young people to grow-up there and provide continuity of culture and wisdom to those who follow.

On this program we also discuss our book, The System: Igniting the Soul of Commerce, and what we mean by “a system’s view” and “the soul of commerce”. Commerce (or the opportunity for exchange) is not only about trading dollars for goods and services. The soul of commerce is about the exchange of your time, your words and language that reinforce the community as a good place to be, and a validation of whatever the job that you do is that makes the community function. And when we bring together all those members of “the system,” we create the total environment in which the workforce of the future is raised.

We all want the kind of workforce that will be ready and capable to welcome the future challenges not yet known and will lead the communities with pride. “The Other 88%” of time is when we raise our citizens and lay the path for everyone’s future. The book, “The System, Igniting the Soul of Commerce” is a great way to get started in your community.

Elane V. Scott

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