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B2W Radio - When it Really is Life or Death

B2W Radio - When it Really is Life or Death

Elane V. Scott
Rick Stephens
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Dr. Bob Roth

Dear Valued Stakeholder,

The people we call Community Stakeholder Leaders at Birth2Work are the type who usually work incredibly hard to complete the projects work may put on them. But, at the end of a long day, when they turn off their machines and lights to go home, there is some comfort in the “big picture” that even if the last of all the work isn’t done, small children won’t die. That is, unless you’re a neonatologist.

Our health sector community stakeholder guest today, neonatologist Dr. Bob Roth, has done work that he loves his whole life. His unique and varied experiences exemplify our notion of a stakeholder leader in the fields of health and community. He is a world class physician, adept hospital CEO, and a passionate advocate for mothers and babies. He has habitually forged connections across sector lines on their behalf, that didn’t previously exist. Our talk today focuses on the macro-themes of his career.

For years, as an effective hospital administrator and practicing neonatologist, Dr. Roth had to bring physicians, patients and their caregivers, hospital administrators, social service agencies, first responders, researchers, and insurance companies to the table and establish a common language among them as stakeholders, to ensure the kind of collaboration that would result in patients getting well. It was a never ending challenge. Running a hospital successfully means you must have the outside community’s support as much as the people who function within the walls of the building. As a leader and public representative, Dr. Roth found himself speaking and advocating for ordinary things, sometimes controversial things, and sometimes spectacular things - such as helicopter rides to carry his youngest patients to the waiting arms of specialists who would work hard to save them.

But what about when a community’s life is on the line – when the crisis at hand isn’t as clear and everyone’s actions aren’t so clearly motivated by a single end goal, are we, or can we be, as effective? Like at the hospital, when a community responds to an “act of God” or similar emergency, most people are focused on a common goal and succeed at extraordinary feats. With the six step process outlined in our book, The System: Igniting the Soul of Commerce, we offer a plan for tapping that same willingness to work together, through an alignment of purpose beyond life and death. We can create communities in which we all want to live, work, learn, and play.

Elane V. Scott

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