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Deciding Who We Are

Deciding Who We Are

Elane V. Scott
Rick Stephens
Featured Guest:
Georgia Lambert 

Dear Stakeholder Leaders,

As we Americans go forward today to elect leaders locally and nationally, I am thrilled to be able to invite you to take a break and listen to Birth2Work Radio’s special guest, Georgia Lambert. A long time friend and teacher of mine, I have learned to admire her for her balanced views, detailed knowledge that spans global cultures, and a gifted ability to shine a modern light, without judgment, on the past; a needed reminder today.

In this conversation she offers sharp and relevant perspectives on the importance of understanding ourselves first in order to make our best decisions for the long term. Consider the act of voting - no single act requires such a careful balance between consideration of the past and planning for the future. Before one can determine his future though, he must know who he is as a person (or who we are as community and as a nation).

Today's program offers the opportunity for personal reflection. Who are we now? Where have we been? And, most of all, where do we want to go? As scientists continue to learn that as systems work at the micro level, so they work at the macro, citizens must be conscious that the macro manifestation of our country’s present situation is a reflection of us as individuals. With you, our friends and fellow stakeholder leaders, we share the journey into the future. Our work is about shared values, alignment, and a common language for success. In taking the time to truly discover who we are and share our stories, we give ourselves the opportunity to grow and evolve as individuals, and as a country.

Elane V. Scott

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