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Technology + Relationships ➞ Innovation

Technology + Relationships ➞ Innovation

Elane V. Scott
Rick Stephens
Featured Guest:
Philip Horváth

Dear Stakeholder Leaders,

In our last Birth2Work Radio program, with internationally renowned speaker and author Sir Ken Robinson, we discussed the growing dearth of creativity and innovation in business today. Concerned leaders are now cultivating organizational dynamics where creative ideas are routinely sought and encouraged. But that means when stretching to put new ideas into the market, there must also be freedom within the organization to fail, as opposed to mistakes being stigmatized. There has to be a culture where it's OK to make mistakes if creativity is to thrive. Our guest on this week's Birth2Work program, Philip Horváth, furthers the creativity and innovation discussion with us by introducing the mechanism through which he helps businesses to go further than create innovations or innovation processes. By helping them shape a new Cultural Operating System leaders can then drive their organizations toward a sustainable culture of innovation.

Horváth relates a story in segment 2 of our program about a company he was hired to work for twice. In most industries, repeat clientele is a goal, but in his case, his goal was (and is) to lead a company away from needing him. In fact, he nearly didn't let this company hire him again. But in analyzing the company's Cultural Operating System, Horváth could see that innovation, creativity, and new ideas were not supported from within. No one was set up to lead; to own the decision making for the company around new ideas and move them forward. Horváth sees it as his goal to catalyze people around a common core philosophy about change. He recommends an approach to doing business that uses data to organize but philosophy and story to integrate and make meaning. And in different situations, alternately or together, leaders must use technology and human relationships to solve complex problems. Long-term failure is eminent when businesses rely too much on technology OR relationships to do business. They both matter.

With all the necessary emphasis on progress and required engagement with online and mobile technologies these days, this Birth2Work Radio show, with Philip Horváth, is a refreshing reminder to pause and do a self-check on where the values of your of your business, community and family are aligned. Why are you doing what you are doing now? Why are you doing it the way you are doing it? Have you given yourself the infrastructure, support, and leadership to innovate for the future? These are philosophical questions that are the beginning of every complex system's analysis in business and industry. And when the answers to any of these questions or no longer definable and/or relevant to the market your business is serving, it's time to create a new Operating System with which people can sustain innovation and excel. That's the goal of the Birth2Work Six Step Process!

Elane V. Scott

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