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Article - From newspapers and magazines, these articles go back 30 years through present day, relevant to stakeholder leaders, the six sectors, and parents and families.

External Link - These links go to pages outside of this B2W site, to articles, OpEds, or companies we find relevant.

Op-Ed - B2W Founders and Leaders Elane V. Scott and Rick Stephens have co-authored a number of OpEds on critical issues of our day. Their take may surprise you!

Organization - These organizations are relevant to stakeholders, parents, and sector leaders looking for potential alignment and/or inspiration.

Presentation - B2w Founders and Leaders Elane V. Scott and Rick Stephens have given hundreds of presentations on preparing the workforce of the future, leadership, and families. See selected presentations here.

Video - Relevant videos, either of the B2W team or others, our process in action, or our history can be seen here.

White Paper - These foundational papers, including Birth2Work's own "Ensuring Workforce Skills of the Future", are from leaders across sectors, offering insights and provocative thoughts about their fields.

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Parents - Building a capable workforce and thoughtful, engaged citizenry for the future, is overwhelmingly influenced by each person’s primary caregiver(s) in their first six years of life. Learn what you can do to prepare your child.

Stakeholder Leaders - Community level challenges can and must be taken care of right where they are going on. Just ask anyone who has been caught in a snow storm, flood, fire, or hurricane. Outsiders can only do so much. The long term solutions are always local. Every community stakeholder leader has the same charge. Be prepared. Look ahead. Stop the little problems before they get big..

Retired Professionals -Retired professionals/Grandparents include anyone who has retired from the workplace and has the potential to use their experience and wisdom to be part of their community by helping parents raise children to become successful young adults as citizens and productive members of the community.