When Parents Lead, Children Succeed

B2W White Paper - "Leading Your Child to Success"

B2W White Paper - "Leading Your Child to Success"

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Overview– Since the beginning of time, all parents have wanted the best for their family and children. The resources they have available to fulfill that aspiration and the environment in which families live may be very different, but the desire remains the same…to raise successful children. Over the past several years, the challenge in ensuring success has increased significantly - not for lack of desire, but because of the ever-changing environment. At Birth2Work we provide parents, grandparents and caregivers a portfolio of concepts, tools, and measures that help them guide the path of their family and their children forward. We believe that when parents have a portfolio of options, and when they take on the role of leaders for their family, their family succeeds and their children succeed. Our objective is to help parents lead their family and children to success.

Background – Birth2Work was created as an organization focused on helping parents and community stakeholder leaders understand the challenges of preparing the workforce of the future. For nearly a decade, Birth2Work focused on that objective by creating and conducting seminars and workshops around the country. They were held at the community level and state level. We made presentations at conferences to groups as large as a few thousand. All were interactive and engaging providing insight, information and knowledge gathered and integrated from over 40 years of research, working with industry associations, national not-for-profit organizations, colleges and universities, school districts, medical experts, media and government agencies.

Like most activities and actions, there are desired outcomes and opportunities for improvement. The desired outcomes included alignment and agreement about the key issues and opportunities for creating the workforce of the future. What we concluded, however, was that when parents provide leadership within their family…understanding how children develop, setting expectations, modeling the behavior that they want their children to have and, most importantly, engaging and interacting with their children on a regular and ongoing basis….their children will be successful no matter what goes on around them. We concluded that when parents lead, children succeed.

Leading Your Child to Success – What it is and what it isn’t– The course is an in-person, interactive, and engaging course for parents, grandparents and caregivers focused on helping parents be leaders in their families. It is not a course aimed at fixing parents or for remedial parenting. It is for parents wanting to learn tools and techniques to help them be better family leaders. Our experience has been, and we have been told, that those who take our course not only have a better understanding of what it takes to lead their family, but that the concepts and skills are directly applicable to their role in interacting with individuals in the work place.

Leading Your Child to Success – The Foundational Concepts and Principles– In addition to believing that “When Parents Lead, Children Succeed”, we believe that the foundation for success starts from the day that child is born, not when they enter school. What a person learns first stays them the longest and serves as the foundation of what they believe and, thus, how they behave. From day one, the greatest adult influence on a child is the person who spends the most time interacting and engaging with them – whomever that may be. Because it is the values and believes that establish the family culture, our belief is that the parents are the most important resources for engaging children.

We also believe that technology will change several times during the formative stages of your children lives. It will get easier and easier to use. Further, we believe that while digital devices are clearly more pervasive in society and that schools are using them as learning tools starting from an early age, the research data is showing more and more that it has a negative impact on developing capable and creative minds. Early engagement with digital devices is not the way to success but rather a limiter in developing capable and caring children. What is far better to learn are the capabilities our children learn from us when we engage with them so that they can understand body language and intent behind human interaction. That capability is one of the most important skills that employers want when hiring new employees into the workforce. Those who have competencies and the ability to interact with others, work in teams, and the ability to ask questions and learn from experience are far more likely to succeed in life than those who immerse themselves in the digital world.

To support that engagement, in the Leading Your Child to Success course, Birth2Work instructors Elane V. Scott and Rick Stephens engage directly with parents in the classroom to provide them a portfolio of tools. Much like a portfolio used in establishing a financial portfolio to diversify investments so that you have the best financial outcomes, Leading Your Child to Success has four key elements in its portfolio that include:

1) The Dream – We want children to become caring and engaging adults with expectations and capabilities they should have when they leave home;

2) The Magic – Success of our children requires that parents make decisions about the environment in which children learn and grow and the experiences they have. Further, the interaction and engagement parents have with their children needs to be direct. Human interaction is far more important than engagement with a computer.

3) Investment Strategy – Strategies and approaches for how best to invest time and resources in ensuring your children have the values, beliefs, and perspectives that are important for you and your family. There are seven strategies that group into 3 key areas: 1) Parent and Family Alignment, 2) Building and Engaging the Right Support Team and 3) Interacting and Exchanging with the Community.

4) The Readiness Profile– Children develop in five key ways: 1) physically, 2) cognitively, 3) emotionally, 4) socially and 5) developing life skills. The Readiness Profile provides a set of measures from the time a child is born to when they are ready to venture out on their own. Having a way to gain a sense about how children are doing is an important tool for parents so that they can better see how they can help their children succeed as they grow.

As parents, we spend considerable time, effort, and energy planning for that magical day for when our child is born. In the ideal world, we could rely on our parents, siblings and grandparents to help guide us as parents in helping ensure the success of our children. Birth2Work’s Leading Your Child to Success is about providing hands on, common sense approaches to help parents ensure they know their role as leaders and provide them with the concepts and tools necessary to effectively provide that leadership. Spending 24 hours to learn how to apply those tools and concepts is one of the best investments a parent can make.