When Parents Lead, Children Succeed

Case Study: The Huntsville, Alabama Workforce Task Force

Case Study: The Huntsville, Alabama Workforce Task Force

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In 2003, educators at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL, were introduced to a new concept in future workforce development. In contrast to isolated projects or programs, this idea proposed to align community leaders around a unified vision of the future to better anticipate jobs and prepare citizens to capitalize on economic growth opportunities. Lucia Cape, who was working at the time to coordinate the Center’s support for school boards in six states, was assigned to lead an effort to adapt this approach to Marshall’s education outreach programs. Four years later, Cape was named to head workforce development for the regional Chamber of Commerce. This is the story of how Birth2Work’s Integrated Community Stakeholder Leadership process helped Huntsville to be better informed, aligned and proactively positioned to capitalize on workforce opportunities for generations to come.