When Parents Lead, Children Succeed

Ensuring Workforce Skills of the Future: The Birth2Work Pipeline

Ensuring Workforce Skills of the Future: The Birth2Work Pipeline

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This paper is the written synthesis of eight years of thought, research, and discussion of a complex set of growing, global, workforce issues being faced by the business community with regard to the adoption and integration of technology. But far more than being about helping business leaders execute a business plan to meet owner and shareholder economic returns, this paper is about the new insights, knowledge, and actions needed to develop capable, whole people today for tomorrow’s economy; an economy which is deeply dependent on technology innovation for growth and long-term sustainability.

This paper focuses attention on helping those who are responsible for developing capable, whole people to understand the dynamic system that is impacting each human being from the time he/she is born to the time he/she enters adulthood, as a member of society. It provides a perspective on events that grew into trends over the past 40 years, and suggests a visionary, integrated framework for preparing youth to become engaged, productive members of society-- as the future workforce, as citizens, and as leaders in an increasingly complex world. It is vital that business, media, government, health, community and education leaders come together and align their visions as never before. No one sector has the responsibility, capability or capacity to operate alone within the system of life that impacts us all, daily. Leaders everywhere must share their best thinking around the development of ideas that will support family, community, education, and workforce demands coming together, not as separate demands in people’s lives, but rather as facets of a whole, integrated life. We understand this concept in technology as old devices are reborn and made new and more efficient by the integration of old systems with new ones. Based on a new systems view, that includes helping people become more efficient in their lives, as well as with technology, this paper talks about key perspectives and behaviors that must be in place culturally, to lead the way.