When Parents Lead, Children Succeed

The System: Igniting the Soul of Commerce

(Hear directly from the artist, Georgia Lambert, about the symbolic imagery on the cover of this book.*

Our nation's young people are being poorly prepared for success in tomorrow's workforce. Thousands of programs, policies, and initiatives have failed to generate a scalable and sustainable way forward. No one reason stands out, or group or institution can be blamed. Every citizen has a share of the responsibility. Success requires the intentional integration of multiple and diverse stakeholders who have different motivations, languages and expectations, but who share a common vision, common values, and a systems approach for realizing the development of citizens who have the capacity and capability of living together in a strong and vibrant global economy with desirable communities to thrive in.

Great job! I m amazed! The System is helping me articulate some things I have believed and experienced but have not consciously thought about. --Dr. John Bransford, Professor of Education, College of Education, University of Washington

Thought provoking and inspiring. Elegantly helps the reader see the system by pointing to the con-nections right in front of us. --Robert Rasmussen, Partner, LEGO SERIOUS PLAY in Americas

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