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Our family team is dedicated to helping you become a more joyful, confident parent and a more proactive, intentional family leader.

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20 questions about childhood and family culture to get the conversation started and get in sync as parents

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Introducing the joy of responsibility, cooperation, and life skills for parents with children of any age

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Big-picture parenting

  • Are you a new parent with good intentions but no real experience or confidence in raising kids?
  • Are you a parent of pre-teen or teenager worried about their ability to be independent in the future?
  • Are you a grandparent who wants to be meaningfully involved in your grandchildren’s lives but not sure how?

These situations are more common than you think. Long-term solutions don’t lie in the world of tips and tricks though.

The best solutions come from your your own experiences, understanding your own values, and taking a much broader view of your purpose as a parent.

We call that tapping in to your family wisdom.

To thrive as a confident parent or grandparent who makes intentional choices about your family’s future, you’ve got to get a big-picture view of your leadership role and successful families work as a team.

How we can help

  • Do you want your family to feel more like a team?
    You’ve got to become a leader. We can show you how.
  • Wouldn’t it be great to stop basing how good a parent you are by comparing what other people are doing (or buying)?
    Start making decisions based on genuine values and wisdom. We’ve got tools for that.
  • Are you ready to finally understand how your mindset, habits, communication style, and family history all work together to impact your family’s future?
    You’re in the right place. We’re so glad you here!

Through our 100% online courses and virtual coaching sessions, you can become a more fulfilled and engaged leader of your family team with a personalized plan for success.

How we’re different

Hello! We’re Elane V. Scott and Rick Stephens the co-founders of Birth2Work.

Our 40-plus years of leadership experience, in combination with our work collecting stories and data, interviewing experts, and working with whole communities and individual families—including our own!—is how we came to be so passionate about the power of family wisdom and family leadership. 



Family Wisdom Blog: Fun activity ideas, personal stories, easy to implement leadership tips, and plenty of surprises from before baby through the teenage years. Don’t forget all our resources for grandparents too!


Birth2Work Radio: Elane V. Scott and Rick Stephens interview professional leaders from large corporations, to city managers, to family outreach program directors. Great leadership exists at all levels.


Courses: Start with a free minicourse or commit right now to the most incredible proactive family leadership training you’ll find anywhere. We’re with you right from the beginning and for the long haul. 

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