When Parents Lead,

Children Succeed

Birth2Work offers free and paid online leadership courses to help you grow in confidence and capability as a parent, grandparent, or parent-to-be.

When it comes to leading, it’s never too early to start. It’s never too late to make a difference.

“‘Leading Your Child to Success’ is a life-changing, empowering class, that will make you feel better prepared to be involved in the world around you.”

Bryan R.  – Father of 2

Let’s Make a Plan

Do You Have a Leadership Plan for Your Family?

At Birth2Work, our mission is to enable anyone involved in the life of a child to become a more confident leader in preparing children and families for a successful future.

We welcome future parents, current parents with kids of all ages, grandparents, and “framily” – the beloved friends and community who help us raise all of our children together

We know that success in life doesn’t happen by accident. In order to thrive as capable, thoughtful citizens, with competitive skills for the 21st-century workforce, children need leadership right from birth.

Our online masterclass in family leadershipLeading Your Child to Success, will gradually walk you through the steps of broadly dreaming of, then creating a long-term plan for the success for yourself, each individual, and your family as a whole.

What’s a family leadership plan you ask?

Your personalized family leadership plan is a set of skills and strategies you develop to ensure your child is ready to thrive as an adult. 

Creating your plan requires stepping back from whatever is happening right now. Instead, you’ll spend time looking at the “big picture” of family leadership from birth to the time they begin work (Birth2Work). Curious for more? Check out our free and paid courses.

A leadership plan goes beyond saving for college. Watch this! ⇓

Think You Don’t Have Time to Make a Leadership Plan?

First, consider this. Many people spend:  

  • 6 months planning, researching, and saving to buy a new car
  • 1 year or more planning their wedding
  • 40 years planning for and contributing to their retirement

A small investment of time now can make all the difference to your family’s future. Remember that no one plan suits the needs of all families. This is about making a plan that’s right for your family. We make the process easy by helping you create clear goals with small action steps. 

Mimi M.

“I work with underprivileged children in the community and I feel like there is always more to learn to help me be better prepared to help those children. This class has given me more tools and offered different ways for me to help children address the challenges they may face.”

Sarah B.

“In this class, I came to understand that my role as a grandmother is just as important as my role as a mother and nurse administrator.”

When it comes to leading, it’s never too early to start. It’s never too late to make a difference.

Browse for information specific to your family’s needs

No Kids

Whether you’re not quite ready for kids yet yourself, or are a devoted extended “framily” member, learning about the key milestones and opportunities inherent in the growth of a child will strengthen your confidence and capabilities down the line.

Before Baby-Age 3

Is your baby due soon? Or is a little one hanging on your leg as your read this?  Time may never feel more precious than it does now, but, rest assured, this time does not last forever! Right from birth, children need opportunities for physical and mental growth. Your opportunity to lead them starts now!

Kids Ages 4-8

School readiness is only a small part of a parent’s job in this phase. The foundation for essential life skills—emotional stability, personal accountability, self-esteem–is formed now. Your proactive and mindful leadership is key.

Youth Ages 9-12

A child’s transition into adolescence can be challenging for parents who aren’t prepared for the sudden demand for independence.  As the family leader, you can be prepared to meet those challenges with credibility and respect.                                

Youth Ages 13-Work

If your child is already a teenager, you may think your window of influence is long gone. It’s not! While you still have daily face-to-face engagement, seize the opportunity to prepare your teen for a world that has very high expectations of them. It’s never too late to get started.


Children of all ages need role models they can trust.  Technology is a powerful influence but it is fleeting and rarely personal. Grandparents, however, have wisdom, patience, and the encompassing love for their families that make them ideal mentors.

Mission Statement

Birth2Work is a federally recognized not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization
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Our mission is to enable anyone involved in the life of a child to become a confident leader in preparing children and families for a successful future. We embrace future parents, current parents, grandparents, and the beloved friends and community who help us raise all of our children together. 

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