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We’re dedicated to teaching parents and grandparents proven ways to supercharge your parenting during the time you have the most influence over your children: from the time they are born to the time they go off to work.

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About Birth2Work


Hello! We’re Elane V. Scott and Rick Stephens the co-founders of Birth2Work and the one-of-a-kind master class in family leadership, Leading Your Child to Success.

Our 40-plus years of leadership experience, in combination with our work collecting stories and data, interviewing experts, and working with whole communities and individual families—including our own!—is how we know what parents need to do, at every stage, to make sure children are ready to be successful and thrive on their own, no matter what the future may look like.


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With our tools at hand, very soon you’ll be able to make the ultimate shift from struggling to get through each day’s to-do list to … enjoying the freedom that comes from creating the optimum environment for your child’s learning, taking advantage of diverse experiences (including failure), and engaging and connecting with your child in ways you never thought possible.



Family Leadership Blog: Fun activity ideas, personal stories, easy to implement leadership tips, and plenty of surprises from before baby through the teenage years. Don’t forget all our resources for grandparents too!


Birth2Work Radio: Elane V. Scott and Rick Stephens interview professional leaders from large corporations, to city managers, to family outreach program directors. Great leadership exists at all levels.


Courses: Start with a free minicourse or commit right now to the most incredible proactive family leadership training you’ll find anywhere. We’re with you right from the beginning and for the long haul. 

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