Welcome to the next step of your parenting journey.


Better family communication starts with these free tools

Teamwork makes the dream work

8 key elements to enjoy the family life you always wanted

get in sync with your partner

Conversation starters to help you and your partner identify key influences on your parental thinking 

Empower your children

Help your kids become self-starters by changing the way you talk about & involve them around the house

With great communication skills you can:

Get your kids to listen

Get your kids to listen and help them build intrinsic motivation

Get your kids to listen

Establish and maintain boundaries in your relationships

Learning opportunities

Turn any experience into an enjoyable learning opportunity

Handle conflict better

Handle conflict in a peaceful and respectful way

Enjoy better relationships

Enjoy infinitely better relationships with trust, respect, and honesty

Everyone loves a quiz

Brand new feature!

The Family Well-Being Quiz

A short and sweet quiz to see if your family team is running smoothly and how our team can best support yours.

The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.

-Anthony Robbins

Who we help

  • Parents like you who want to communicate more clearly and consistently with your kids so that you can stop feeling like a bad parent, be respectful of their feelings but still maintain your boundaries, be confident in your choices, and truly appreciate everything you have to offer as a parent.


  • Parents like you want to communicate more clearly and consistently with your partner so that you can talk openly and honestly, share the emotional weight and responsibility of parenting without being afraid of starting a fight, and finally feel like you’re on the same page when it comes to raising your amazing kids.


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Hello! We’re Elane V. Scott and Rick Stephens the co-founders of Birth2Work.

Our 40-plus years of leadership experience, in combination with our work collecting stories and data, interviewing experts, and working with whole communities and individual families—including our own!—is how we came to be so passionate about the power of communication, sharing your family wisdom, and mentoring family leaders. 

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