Elane V. Scott

Elane began imagining a parent support and education network when her first child was born at home and she asked herself “Wow!  What do I do now?” 

With experiences in marketing, media, education, community, and parenting, she created a powerful guide, something new parents could follow from the time a baby is born until ready to be on their own in the world.  It is her vision and genesis that became Birth2Work. It is her unique combination of expertise that allows Birth2Work to help parents become more joyful and confident as well as more proactive, intentional family. 

Posts by Elane V. Scott

My Mother's Family Stories Shaped My Memorial Day

My Mother’s Family Stories Shaped My Memorial Day

Co-founder Elane V. Scott shares her personal story of what Memorial Day meant to her family. It was a day acknowledged with respect and gratitude.
We're Not Stay-at-Home Moms. We're Home-Based Working Mothers

We’re Not Stay-at-Home Moms. We’re Home-Based Working Mothers

The belief that stay-at-home moms are somehow inherently lazy and lack ambition is patently wrong. We should be called home-based working mothers.
Grandparents: Where Are You Going Next?

Grandparents: Where Are You Going Next?

Retirement isn’t about dropping out. It's a time to live, continue to grow, and give back. What better place to give than your grandchildren.
The 6 Hats We Wear as Grandparents

The 6 Hats We Wear as Grandparents

Are you a grandparent unsure of what “hat" may be available to you now that never was before? Grandparent and Birth2Work Co-founder Elane Scott explores the possibilities!
two-hikers-on-a path

The Wisdom of Grandparents – Part 1

Today, most of what passes as help for families on how to live a good life and shape the lives of those around them, is a cop out.

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