Somer Loomis

Somer is the Chief Content Officer at Birth2Work living in Redondo Beach, California with her husband and three-year-old son. She earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and worked for 10 years in both mixed-use development and healthcare planning.

She decided to leave the architecture field in 2015 and became a self-taught web-developer, graphic designer, course-developer, writer, social media manager, and default all-things-technology person for the family business. In these fields, she knows what she’s talking about 93.5% of the time. The rest of the time she makes it up and hopes for the best.

Somer is the daughter of Birth2Work co-founder Elane V. Scott.  In addition to writing blogs she is the voice behind Birth2Work’s Instagram profile @family.life.coach and the creator of the Family Bonding Challenge. In her “free-time” she is an avid home-chef, Montessori enthusiast, house-plant addict, and continues to design homes and small renovations for select clientele.


Posts by Somer Loomis


Why You Need a Pandemic Parenting Strategy

A parenting strategy to approach work, education, and all of life's other demands will help you rise above the struggles of pandemic parenting.
questions to ask your mom

15 Questions to Ask Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Knowing why you do something can help you decide if you want to pass it on. Find your reasons this Mother’s Day with these questions to ask your mom.
To Become a Better Parent You Must Do This

To Become a Better Parent You Must Do This

A family leadership mindset lets you enjoy just how capable your family really is and how much more fulfilled you can be as a parent, coach, and mentor.
Family Values: When Someone Has to Talk to Grandma

Family Values: When Someone Has to Talk to Grandma

At a time when Swim Mama’s son is formulating his most significant impressions about the world, he doesn’t have the capacity to understand his grandmother’s sarcasm.
5 Things I'm Doing for Myself this Back-to-School Season

5 Things I’m Doing for Myself this Back-to-School Season

Model for your children that adults also learn, unlearn, and relearn information, skills, and habits throughout their lives. School is just the beginning.

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