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B2W Radio: Supporting a Healthy Mother and Child

Episode Introduction: Pam Pimentel, RN, has spent her life empowering mothers with knowledge about caring for their new babies and caring for themselves, before and during pregnancy and in the first year after the birth of the baby. Her insights and knowledge will...

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B2W Radio: The Process Matters

Since the dawn of humanity, women have given birth, alone sometimes, but mostly with the help of other women, and without any interventions by medical science. Nevertheless, women have been taught over the last 100 years that every pregnancy and birth situation is...

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B2W Radio: The Stakeholder Doctor

I first met Dr. Alberto Gedissman when I attended a public presentation he was sponsoring at Children's Hospital of Orange County where, at the time, he was Director of Pediatric Services. The topic of the public presentation was Violence and the Media. The topic...

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B2W Radio: Building Community – Military Style

In this Birth2Work program, co-host and US Marine Corps veteran Rick Stephens and I, sit down with Texas Army National Guardsman Mike Neu. After his year-long deployment in Iraq, Mike returned a changed man. Having grown up in a loving family in his Texas town, Mike...

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B2W Radio: From Science to Fiction

A man lauded in the world of aeronautics and aviation as one of its most prolific and effective writers for more than 30 years, the coincidentally named, but unrelated to me guest is William (Bill) Scott. Bill has traveled the world interviewing and writing about some...

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B2W Radio: Community Economic Development – A New Era

Birth2Work Radio guest Jeff Finkle is a recognized leader and international authority on economic development. As President and CEO of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), the world’s largest economic development membership organization, he...

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B2W Radio: Navigating a Mediated Existence

I first engaged with guest Renee Hobbs while participating in a Felton Media Literacy Scholar graduate course at the Center for Media Literacy in Los Angeles, Ca. She was but a voice on a conference call at that point, yet I still recall my first impression: I was...

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B2W Radio: Focusing on Community for a Beautiful Future

In this Birth2Work Radio program,  we discuss the value in, and necessity of, community. We talk with professors Robert Sampson and Mario Small, both of Harvard University (with Small at University of Chicago at the time of this recording), who have done extensive...

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B2W Radio: Including the Unlikely Stakeholder Leader

Our program guest, Pastor Donald Grey Barnhouse Jr., is the beloved leader of Bridgeport Presbyterian Church near Philadelphia, PA. I am excited to introduce you to Donald, something of a modern day Renaissance man. He graduated from Harvard University a month before...

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B2W Radio: Creativity Can’t Be Memorized

On this Birth2Work Radio program, our guest is Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D., an internationally recognized speaker and leader in the development of tools for teaching and sharpening creativity. He discusses the necessity for creativity in the workplace, the use of...

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B2W Radio: Movement is Key to Rebuilding a Broken Brain

Oprah, Time, and a New York Times best-seller all tend to get a person’s name and story into the public consciousness pretty fast. But it was not for Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s notoriety that I was inspired to reach out to her for an interview. I reached out to speak...

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