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6 Unexpected Ways We Pass On Our Family Values

6 Unexpected Ways We Pass On Our Family Values
If you're a child of the 1980s, you might remember a certain anti-narcotics PSA that showed a mustachioed dad confronting ...
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The Wisdom of Grandparents – Part 1

two-hikers-on-a path
Today, most of what passes as help for families on how to live a good life and shape the lives of those around them, is a cop out.
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Setting Expectations for Your Teen: The 1830 Rule and Easter

It’s rare to find a teen who wants to live at home after high school. They want their independence. But asking a teen if they are ready to be on their own will most likely elicit a different response.
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In the Media – “Logged off: meet the teens who refuse to use social media”

girl at table doing homework looking at camera
As a parent to a six-year-old girl, the statistics I read regularly about the detriment social media is on young people, especially teenage girls, scream “CAUTION!” at me every day.
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How to Make the Most of Adolescence

Just like in the toddler years, adolescence is a time in which the human brain is primed to learn through experience.
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Growing My Confidence as a New Mom

twin infants facing each other
Eventually, I figured out that through their cries, my babies were talking to me. They weren’t just wailing for no reason. They were trying to communicate in the only way their bodies knew how.
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Who’s Responsible for Preparing Kids for Work?

high school students at large table with papers
The idea that schools be solely responsible for preparing children for their future careers has never been less feasible. The need for us all to take an active role in the lives of society’s children is more important than ever.
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