Reading before Bed Can Lead Your Child to Personal Responsibility

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Introduce Routines by Reading before Bed

Reading before bed is an easy way to introduce routines to your child. My son and his wife have been reading to their son before bed since he was four months old. Educational experts encourage parents to read early and often to their child. The more words he sees and hears, the more words he learns. Helping a child love books fosters literacy skills from infancy to three and beyond! Story time before bed is my grandson’s favorite time of day. Mom and dad share bedtime routines and often both are there for bedtime stories.

Holidays with Family

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it’s a time to be with my grown children and their families. I really relax and feel thankful for the love of family. This holiday was especially fun because my two-and-a-half-year-old grandson was talking up a storm!

After being away from him for several months, I could see the developmental changes in his speech and vocabulary. His attention span improved. We could read his favorite books three or four times in one sitting. As we read the last page of his book, he would say, “Again, Nana!” He was asking questions on the pages of new books and pointing to things he could tell me about. We had conversations, sang songs, and went exploring to the nearby park.

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Establish Routines and Introduce Responsibility

After reading Birth2Work’s  Guide to Personal Resonsibility, my son and his wife introduced some easy cleaning tasks for their son to do as part of their family’s daily routine. I watched as my grandson showed me how he picks up his toys and where his books and puzzles “live.” He loves helping to feed their dog and pitches in when his dad cleans up the yard.

After the Thanksgiving meal, he showed me the right way to put the forks and spoons into the dishwasher. It’s right at his eye level and he said, “I show you, Nana.” His self-confidence has certainly improved! This is an early, first step to building good habits and independence.

Good Modeling

Two-year-old children are always watching and listening to everything adults say and do. They are like little sponges. This is a wonderful thing because good behavior grows from good modeling. The most powerful role model in the life of a child is the same-sex parent or family member. This encourages us to show and model the behaviors we want to see in our children!

By modeling and introducing age-appropriate tasks to your family’s daily routine, you’ll be teaching your child personal responsibility and helping them build self-confidence. To start, begin with reading to your child before bed. Take a look at this list of books that encourage empathy to help get you started. Then slowly add to your routine. For even more ideas, download The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Personal Responsibility.

Great Books

“If you’re looking for a few new great books, click on the images below (affiliate links.) “Everywhere Babies” in particular has been very popular in our home and amongst friends. 

Great for ages 0-2

Great for ages 0-2

Great for ages 3-4

Great for ages 3-4

Great for ages 5-6

Great for ages 5-6

Great for ages 7+

Great for ages 7+


The Ultimate Guide to Teaching

Personal Responsibility

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