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Go On a Scavenger Hunt with Mom!

Go On a Scavenger Hunt with Mom!

For Mother's Day this year, go on a scavenger hunt and begin to lay the foundation for your child’s connection and understanding of where they are from!
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Spring Clear Your Space

Springtime is a great time to go through rooms and living spaces to clear clutter. If you spring-clean, then this will make that job easier.
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What do 1830 and Easter Have to Do with Each Other?

It’s rare to find a teen who wants to live at home after high school. … They want their independence. But asking a teen if they are ready to be on their own will most likely elicit a different response.
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Our mission is to enable anyone involved in the life of a child to become a confident leader in preparing children and families for a successful future. We embrace future parents, current parents, grandparents, and the beloved friends and community who help us raise all of our children together. 

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