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Relationships Take Practice

People who are compatible share values, goals, and a sense of purpose. Such loving relationships, especially marriages, need nurturing to stay strong.
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The Wisdom of Grandparents – Part 1

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Grandparents | |
Today, most of what passes as help for families on how to live a good life and shape the lives of those around them, is a cop out.
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How to Make the Most of Adolescence

Just like in the toddler years, adolescence is a time in which the human brain is primed to learn through experience.
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Who’s Responsible for Preparing Kids for Work?

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Fundamentals | |
The idea that schools be solely responsible for preparing children for their future careers has never been less feasible. The need for us all to take an active role in the lives of society’s children is more important than ever.
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Why Your Children Should Work

teens holding apple baskets with cellphone
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 Our role as parents is to create an environment where our children are enabled to define their own worth and value. In so doing they do not have to become entitled and reliant on someone else the rest of their lives. 
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