Including the Unlikely Stakeholder Leader

Our program guest, Pastor Donald Grey Barnhouse Jr., is the beloved leader of Bridgeport Presbyterian Church near Philadelphia, PA. I am excited to introduce you to Donald, something of a modern day Renaissance man. He graduated from Harvard University a month before his 18th birthday, studied nuclear physics at the University of Pennsylvania, speaks several languages, has done serious study in film making and music, and taught college courses in journalism, creative writing, government, political philosophy, and international relations.

His academic credentials are among the most elite of our nation, but it was a spiritual calling to follow his father into the ministry that would open the door to his life’s work. On this program we discuss Donald’s life and work, his home education, and his insights about how pastors can do more for parents and families.

Life experiences at home and lessons at school that encourage young people to make things up and figure things out are what ready them to become successful adults.

Including the Unlikely Stakeholder Leader

by Elane V. Scott & Rick Stephens | Pastor Donald Barnhouse, Jr.

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Our mission is to enable anyone involved in the life of a child to become a confident leader in preparing children and families for a successful future. We embrace future parents, current parents, grandparents, and the beloved friends and community who help us raise all of our children together. Birth2Work is a federally recognized not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization (Tax ID# 51-0137861).

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