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by | Jun 4, 2020

Week 13: Ideas for talking to mom

There are so many funny little habits we pick up from our parents without ever realizing it. Have a good laugh and talk to mom or grandma about the small things that make her presence so special.

  • Why does she make that weird thing at Thanksgiving?
  • Why does she say that one word so strangely?
  • Why does she watch THAT news channel?
  • Who taught her how to do her favorite hobby?


This challenge is timed for Mother’s Day but of course, can be done at any point during the year. Our recent blog post, “15 Questions to Ask Your Mom This Mother’s Day” has more sample questions and a beautiful freebie you can pick up and use to interview your own mother. (link in bio) You could easily use some of the questions to have your children interview their grandmothers.

The inspiration for this came from a story we’re sure we heard on “This American Life” many years ago. Which episode has been lost to the cobwebs of our mind.

Though there are many variations out there, the quick version  goes like this: 

A woman is preparing a roast for dinner and chops off the perfectly good end pieces before putting it in the oven. Her husband observes this and asks why she would do such a thing. “That’s what my mom did,” she explains.

Mom calls the next day to see how things are and the daughter asks, “Why did you always cut the ends off the roast?” “That’s what my mom always did,” she replies.

Mom calls her mother and asks, “Why did you always cut the ends off the roast?” “My pan was too small!” she exclaims.

Every family does weird stuff and no one but the older generations knows why. If you are still blessed to have your mother in your life, use this time to connect. You’ll never regret the effort. You’ll end having more insight and empathy for her life and her effort.

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