family bonding challenge


Find a place in your family’s schedule to have a regular family meeting EVERY WEEK.

Meaningful life-long connections with your family are not created solely through pizza & movie nights. Yes, those are fun. However …

The work of building trust, respect, cooperation, and deep-rooted commitment to one another comes from talking to each other, not watching other people talk on the screen.

Family meetings are like a group huddle in sports. Everyone is listening; everyone is participating. You’re making a plan together so everyone can do their part to help the team succeed.

When you’re first starting out or you have young children, you may only need 15 min.

I’ll be posting more this week about benefits and agenda topics. Right now, find a time in the family schedule that you can block out EVERY WEEK (e.g. Saturday 9-9:15 AM ) that you can all be together.

At the first meeting, talk about why you want to have a family meeting at all. This may be a big change for your team and you need everyone’s buy-in to make it work.

If there’s resistance, remind everyone you are not the family secretary, maid, or chauffeur. You are, in fact, the family LEADER. Your spouse/partner should be your co-leader. Leaders train, mentor, enable, and support. They do not manage every detail themselves.

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