family bonding challenge

Week 5: change your mindset

The idea in this challenge is to practice shifting your attitude and that of your whole family, around something many parents use as a punishment (more chores), or as a means to earning money (chores for allowance,) or if nothing else, a common topic for complaining (my house is always a mess and it stresses me out!)

Have you ever thought about the fact that there’s a value judgment made every time you use “chores” as a punishment? You’re reinforcing a negative attitude toward basic respect and maintenance.

Using household duties for money says taking care of the family home isn’t implicitly part of all our jobs as members of the family team.

If there are always toys and clothes everywhere, do you really need all that stuff? Again, it’s a value judgment you and your partner get to make within your particular family. Don’t forget though that you’re setting a precedent for the rest of their lives (no pressure!)

When you “have to” put your stuff away it implies a roadblock to something you’d rather be doing. When you “get to” do it, it becomes a privilege.

When you have “chores” to do, it’s an unwelcome weight and another barrier. When you have a “responsibility” to your family you have something you can take pride in.

Doesn’t setting up for a new adventure sound way more appealing than cleaning up your mess?

You don’t have to pretend that you love everything. But saying that even though you don’t enjoy scrubbing the dishes, you are grateful to have food on the table and a family who helps dry and put things away (hint, hint) does a lot more good for our mental health than just being angry that there’s more to clean.

All of these techniques are establishing a pattern of behavior that will continue on through the rest of their lives.

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