Family Bonding Challenge

Introduce New Responsibilities

As they grow, increase your expectations.

Help your child pick one new thing they want to be responsible for around the house.

Spend the next few days/weeks/months (depending on your child’s age) training them how to do the task properly so they feel confident they can do it successfully on their own (or with minimal supervision.)

Opportunities range from simply putting dirty clothes in the hamper (age 2+) to putting away silverware from the dishwasher (age 3+) to anything you feel appropriate! The time you spend together learning should be fun and engaging. Children want to feel needed and part of the team.

Somer Loomis

Somer Loomis

Birth2Work Staff


There are a couple of goals we’re reaching for in this week’s challenge. One of them is simply to find a new way to have our children become responsible for something that supports the whole family.

Another goal is to remind ourselves just how skillful and thoughtful even very young children can be if given the opportunity.

You’re also:
👉 teaching life skills
❤️potentially sharing stories about your responsibilities growing up
👉 supporting their sense of pride and accomplishment in developing a new skill
❤️ explicitly communicating your values around whatever task is chosen
👉 strengthening your bond by creating memories over an activity
❤️ being proactive in your parenting regarding rules of the home & the scope of things that need to get done
👉 fostering a positive attitude around helping the family stay tidy and run smoothly rather than using “chores” as a form of punishment.

If you have young children, give them a few options to choose from. If you have older children, let them come up with the idea independently. As long as their choice is something they can eventually do safely and independently, it’s a win-win!

Need Ideas?

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