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free resource-change your parenting mindset ebook

Teamwork makes the dream work

8 key elements to enjoy the family life you always wanted

free resource-becoming a confident parent and family leader ebook

imagine more for yourself

An easy-to-use workbook to help you start working toward your greatest potential as a parent

free resource-get in sync as parents ebook

get in sync with your partner

20 questions about childhood and family culture to get the conversation started and get in sync as parents

free resource-stop calling them chores ebook

Empower your children

Introducing the joy of responsibility, cooperation, and life skills for parents with children of any age

free resource-change your parenting mindset ebook

A new mindset brings new results

A compilation of our best ideas for helping you become a more intentional family leader

free resource-strategies to take back your family time ebook

time management for busy parents

A list of our favorite resources for busy parents everywhere

free resource-eisenhower matrix for families ebook

make more time for family

A video and workbook to separate out what’s urgent versus important

opportunities are still out there

10+ job ideas for entrepreneurial teens plus resource links to get started  

free resource-teacher's principles ebook

give them the best start possible

10 tips to prepare any child at home for success in the classroom

Learning Style Workbook Cover

we all learn differently

A valuable breakdown of why your way of learning doesn’t always translate to your children

free resource-ebook to teach children parts of the US flag

teach your tot about our flag

A simple book about the parts and pieces of the US flag for very young learners

free resource-how to spring clear your space with kids

clear your space and clear your mind

A more thoughtful approach to clearing, sorting, donating, and saving your possessions

free resource-teen meal planner

help them learn to plan ahead

A meal planner and shopping template for teens to plan a major family meal 

free resource-strategies to take back your family time ebook

more harm than good

An illuminating study for parents concerned about their child’s technology use

free resource-family scavenger hunt

learn about your neighborhood

A fun activity for young kids to learn about their home, community, and neighbors

how to make a huge adjustment

Helpful tips to adjust your mindset and expectations so you can move forward with confidence

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