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Exploring the Value of: Learning Styles

One Teacher’s Principles: How to Prepare Any Child at Home for Success in the Classroom

How to Teach Your Tot About the United States Flag

Family Scavenger Hunt

Guide to Space Clearing

Easy Meal Planner


Managing vs. Leading Your Family: A free minicourse

Get a taste of what Leading Your Child to Success is all about with this free minicourse! You’ll learn the difference between managing and leading behaviors, explore the reasons why the distinction matters, and learn the difference between “having children” and “raising children.”

Why You Need A Plan: A free minicourse

After completing the Managing vs. Leading Your Family minicourse, extend your learning here. In this minicourse you’ll establish your purpose as a parent, learn why “success” isn’t just about money, and identify the reasons why a plan for success is absolutely necessary.

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