Opportunities are still out there

Summer jobs for teens like traditional retail and restaurant work may be hard to come by during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the need for help is still there. Use the tips and suggestions here to find your perfect fit.

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Finding the Perfect Summer Job for Teens

Tips, resource links, and strategies to answer these three questions:

  1. What work does someone need done?
  2. Can I do what needs to be done?
  3. If I don’t know how to do what needs to be done, can I learn how to do it?

There’s plenty to do if you’re willing to get creative.

Some of the classic summer jobs for teens like babysitting and yard maintenance are still worthwhile jobs and very much in need. But maybe you’re great with a camera and can sell things on eBay or Facebook for local families. Perhaps you can do a regular grocery pick up for someone in need or set up social media accounts for a small business.

Your flexible time and ease with technology are incredible resources that plenty of people are willing to pay for. Use the ideas and resource links in this guide to start your own business, work with friends, or create a whole new venture. Don’t let COVID-19 stop you from helping people in need and having a very profitable summer.

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