From the time humans started living long enough to become grandparents, children were taught to revere them. The elders recalled and passed on the foundational values of the community, taught lessons learned from real-life experiences, and held the family stories that later generations cherished. Indeed, the success of humanity lay in the continuous generational relay of successes and failures.

Times haven’t changed that much.

Similarly, as grandparents today, you’ve also seen and experienced far more thatn you grandchildren have. The experiences of your youth are more than likely different from what children see today. Set that aside. Grandparents have wisdom, patience, and the encompassing love for their families that make them ideal mentors. 

One of the fears many grandparents have is that they need to be technically savvy in order to have a strong relationship with their grandchildren. Nothing could be further from the truth. Technology is a powerful influence, but it is fleeting and rarely personal. Children of all ages need role models they can trust. 

Leading Your child to Success is a course than can help you, as grandparent, understand hot to re-energize your thoughts about the importance of family, the values you share, important milestones in your grandchild’s life, and activities you can put in place to strengthen your relationship. This course is for anyone regularly involved in the life of a child. That means you!

Mimi M.

“I took this class because I wanted to be a better grandmother than I was a mother.”

When Parents Lead,
Children Succeed 

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