Kids 4 to 8 years old

Your proactive and mindful leadership is key

School readiness is only a small part of a parent’s job in this phase. The foundation for essential life skills—emotional stability, personal accountability, self-esteem–is formed now.

What’s New?

The 'Father Effect'

The ‘Father Effect’

The role of fathers is now being studied by scientists for it’s unique added value to the family. But moms and kids already knew that.
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What We Gain When We Struggle

What We Gain When We Struggle

Overcoming our urges to step in and handle things for our kids - as toddlers or as teens - allows them to build confidence in themselves that lasts into adulthood.
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Life Skills - Starting in Preschool

Life Skills – Starting in Preschool

By thoughtfully layering life skills from an early age, parents can confer their thinking, strategies, and tools for being a capable adult.
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Evermore Independent

No longer dependent upon you at every physical turn, your young child is looking to you now to lead them through the beginning turns of independence and individual identity. 

As they are increasingly aware of their own characteristics and skills, children begin putting together the pieces of their self-image and rely heavily on you for a sense of security. 

Leading Your Child to Success:
Your guide to the 3 E’s

My kindergartner has an identity?

Your ability to successfully lead your young child through this time and toward being a successful adult is heavily reliant on the environment, experiences, and engagement (the 3 E’s), you put in place at home, with extended friends and family, and, for the first time, at school.

Won’t my child’s school prepare them to be a successful adult?

No. The education system alone cannot ensure the success of children today. While classroom learning is indisputably important, parents today must raise adaptable and capable children so that no matter what social or economic situation exists as their children transition to being adults, the children are prepared to thrive.

The good news for parents is that the capabilities children will need to have in order to be successful in the future can be learned and practiced at home from an early age.  The Leading Your Child to Success course can help you learn how to work with your child’s educational partners, utilizing the opportunities and the people, without depending on them exclusively for your child’s life readiness. 

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