Before Baby to 3 years old

We are pregnant and have so much to do!
Why should we take this class now?

First of all, congratulations! It’s an extremely exciting time in life, and it may feel like there’s an overwhelming amount of preparation to be done before baby joins you. Getting the house ready and the car seat installed are part of the preparations.  Perhaps you’re going to prenatal classes and reading books on infant care. If none of that is happening yet, that’s okay too. Sometimes running around in circles thinking “what are we going to do now?” is part of the process. No matter what part of the spectrum you’re on, the Leading Your Child to Success course is the best preparation you can do before the birth of your child!

Attempting to be “ready” for having a baby in the modern world can feel like a necessary exercise in futility: You know you can’t do everything you are told by “experts”, but to not try might feel like you aren’t doing everything you can for your baby. Here’s a thought for you: Don’t give in to the madness! Your choice of baby monitor doesn’t prove to anyone how much you love your child. (That baby phase is over amazingly fast!) The truth is, your baby needs you, more than absolutely any toy or sparkly new parent-convenience product you can buy. 

Instead of more “stuff” around the house, give yourself the gift of confidence that you are preparing yourself and your family for a successful life, right from birth. You’ll never have more time to sit and think clearly about your goals, beliefs, and desires than you do before baby arrives. 

Families with kids 0-3
Why should we take this class? 


When your children are in their infancy, managing their most fundamental needs (food, sleep, hygiene) is your only option. Still, you have deep levels of influence on their growth and maturation. And before they’ve finished year one, tremendous leadership opportunities present themselves to the caregiver’s in a child’s life.

Year one? Yes!

These earliest years are singularly influenced in establishing the foundation for your child’s long-term values systems and capabilities in life. For example, do you want your child to be an adult who values and keeps things organized at home? Then set precedent with your child at 10 months old, emphasizing the joy and articulating the value of putting away their books and blocks. Your leadership starts here and now. 

Do it now, for the future.

Through discussion and additional written exercises, Leading Your Child to Success will walk you through establishing a long-term plan for you as a parent and your family as a whole. This is not a prescriptive class that identifies “ X, Y, and Z” for you to fulfill and therefore find happiness and success. The dreams you have and the values you hold have been created by your own life experiences. With a wide-reaching plan in place, however, you have a foundation to check in with for time of your primary influence in your child’s life: from Birth-to-Work.