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You Are the Leader of Your Family

From the moment they’re born, children are watching you. Not only are they learning to use their bodies, they’re learning how to behave and interact with everyone else around them.

Unfortunately, as your children mature, you’re no longer the only one molding their perceptions of the world, influencing their values, or shaping their expectations.  Without a plan, it’s easy to lose your grasp on how your children shape their realities and whether or not they come to you for guidance or turn to other sources.

As a parent you manage much of the family business, but you are also a natural leader with wisdom and experience to impart. So while you still have the greatest span of direct influence on their lives, from their birth to the time they go off to work, make sure you have a mutual vision of success and a plan to get there.

We can help.  

Leading Your Child to Success is a life-changing, empowering class that will make you feel better prepared to be involved in the world around you.

Bryan R.

Father of 2

Prepare for the Rest of Their Lives, Not Just the Next Grade Level

Everything to do with raising a child to become a succcessful adult is dependent on the 3 Es:


Create the best environment for learning possible. That environment changes as children grow and mature.


Give them a wide range of experiences to practice skills and capabilities, winning outcomes and failures.



Follow those experiences up with meaningful engagement to talk about, process, and understand how choices affect outcomes.

Throughout the course, every topic we cover is filtered through these three steps. It does not matter how old your child is. These principles are true at every age.

As a result, the Leading Your Child to Success course is optimal for proactive parents with children of any age, from infants to adults. We champion grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, counselors, or anyone in the service of children.


I'm ready to be a family leader!

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