Leading Your Child to Success

Changing the Course of Your Family

Who Should Take This Course:

  • Parents (expecting or those already with children any age, from infants to adults)
  • Grandparents, aunts, and uncles
  • Teachers, counselors, or anyone in the service of children

Course Description:

See the entire map, not just the next step

Parenting often feels like a two steps forward, one step back endeavor. Each time you feel like you’ve conquered the challenges of a certain phase of life, your children go and enter a new phase and leave you back at step one. You’re constantly navigating new territory.

Wouldn’t it feel incredible to have experienced guides show you where you’re ultimately headed instead? You could avoid so many issues to begin with.

Many parenting courses are focused on short term behavioral issues. While that can be valuable, Birth2Work is with you from the outset, and for the long haul. By completing the Leading your Child to Success course, you’ll establish habits and behaviors to implement early on so you can avoid ever having to deal with many common parenting hurdles. 

Leading Your Child to Success gives you the road map of specific skills and bodies of knowledge adults need to raise successful children no matter what the future holds. If you have older children already, it’s not too late to make a profound difference in their behavior. You can still develop new skills and awareness to deal with whatever is challenging you right now. You’ll be even more prepared for the next go around.

Liz J.

“I learned that I was actually modeling the media behavior that I most wanted my children to stop. It didn’t matter that my children were older. I learned so much that I will use forever…You never stop being a parent.”

Course Modules – The Details:

A  three-part system customized for you

  • Ensuring parent and family alignment: focusing on establishing family values, how we pass them along, and the large scale “whys” of our behavior and attitude. From there we look at what success means then breakdown the fundamental steps to achieving the flexibility, capability, and commitment to achieving it.
  • Finding and engaging the right support team: focusing on how to make the best decisions on everything from babysitters to healthcare provides so your children receive consistent care, information, and support.
  • Interacting and engaging with the community: focusing on mentorship, relationships with schools and other important influences in our children’s lives, and what grandparents offer to the strength and resiliency of our families and communities.

Explore the drop down menus below to see the entire course outline.

Ensuring Parents and Family Alignment
  • Welcome
  • Managing vs. Leading
  • How Your Role Changes Over Time
  • The Importance of Family Values
  • Your Purpose and Goals
  • Family Practices and Policies
  • Family Meetings
  • Challenging Discussions
  • Committing to a Leadership Plan
  • The Growth Path from Birth to Work
  • Windows of Opportunity
  • Readiness Profile Examples
  • Multitasking
  • Impact of Media
  • Transferring Family Values and Culture
  • How We Learn
  • Learn by Doing
  • How Living Space Impacts Learning
  • Family Activities
  • Promoting Healthy Behaviors
  • Ensuring Financial Success
  • Healthy Bodies
  • Emotional and Spiritual Health
Finding and Engaging the Right Support Team
  • Building Your Values-Based Support Team
Interacting and Engaging with the Community
  • Enabling the Future
  • The Role of Parents in Education
  • What You Want Your Kids to Learn at Their First Job
  • Your Role in Shaping Expectations
  • The Importance of Community
  • Mentorship
  • Becoming a Mountain Guide
  • Reviewing Your Plan

I’m ready to be a family leader!

How the Course Works:

Totally online, self-paced, and easy to follow

  • 24/7  lifetime access to over 30 modules of integrated content.
  • You’ll engage through video presentations, exercises, and discussions with real parents, grandparents and those just thinking about becoming parents. They’ve all taken the course before and fundamentally changed their outlook on parenting.
  • Most videos are less than 10 minutes. You can gain insights and monumentally increase your ability to lead your family to success anywhere at any time.

How the Course Feels: Course Example

I’m ready to be a family leader!

Lisa C.

“I took the course with my son because I felt that if I was learning how to use new techniques to engage better with our family, he should be on board to understand why things might be changing.”

Some of What You’ll Learn:

The whole integrated system of development and so much more

  • The difference between managing vs. leading and why the distinction matters for the ultimate well-being of your children; 
  • The process of  identifying and transferring your family values around physical, financial, and emotional/spiritual behaviors using
    The 3 Es: Environment, Experience, and Engagement;
  • How to use the one of a kind Birth2Work Readiness Profile, a detailed timeline of your child’s development in five key areas: physical, cognitive, emotional development, social skills, and life skills;
  • Tried and true ways to communicate effectively with your partner and your children to build trust and accountability;
  • Opportunities to engage with your community in a meaningful way to give your children an understanding of their environment and their value in society;
  • Why grandparents are critical to the healthy development of families and society as a whole;
  • How Birth2Work can provide you with long-term support for the sustained success of your family.

I’m ready to be a family leader!

Have a Question?

Remember, you’ll have lifetime access to the course. Take each step at your own pace and come back for more when you’re ready. If you have questions, drop us a line!


The Student Handbook and the Readiness Profile: All For You!

In addition to the video course, you’ll receive our brand new beautifully designed student handbook that contains over 150 pages of exercises and extended material. At the completion of the course, your handbook will contain your personalized plan for leading your family to success!

With your handbook you can:

  • Follow the video presentations with detailed information and the ability to add your own notes as you learn
  • Review topics and exercises whenever is most convenient to you
  • Easily share your new understanding of family leadership and your personalized plan for success with important friends, colleagues, and family members

Sample pages from your free student handbook:

I’m ready to be a family leader!

Susana B.

“The best part of the class was the Readiness Profile because it helped me make a plan for what to do with my twin sons, just like I plan for my business.”

The Readiness Profile: Course Example

We have an entire module of the Leading Your Child to Success course devoted to using the Readiness Profile, a comprehensive timeline that describes your child’s capabilities within five specific categories from birth to age 18. In the course clip below, we present the Profile, one of the most important resources in the entire course.

Who You’ll Learn With:

While the course is guided by Elane and Rick, the other course participants are invaluable sources of information and ideas. Their perspectives represent not only varying family stages but diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds as well.

  • Keitha,  an elementary teacher with a middle school aged son
  • Paul,  a Technology Entrepreneur with a middle school aged son
  • Shakeita, a young professional without children
  • David, a retired marketing executive turned author, with two adult children
  • Jessica, a mother of two young sons
  • Herman, a military veteran, business owner, and grandfather
  • Bryan, a  teacher and new father of an infant and a school age step-daughter
  • Somer, a designer and mother of a young toddler

I’m ready to be a family leader!

Justin G.

“This class really helped me focus on solutions, not just problems.”

Lance J.

“We have become more in tune with what our children are doing on a constant basis, school, friends, listening more to them, their concerns, and coming up with viable solutions together.”

Herman A.

“I didn’t understand why my grandchildren did not want to be around me until I learned I was the reason. When I learned how to be with them [as a result of this course], they wanted to be with me.”

Good to know:

  • You’re learning from the pioneers of Parent Leadership and actual parents.  Elane has been an educator for more than 35 years with experience working in classrooms directly, individual schools, school districts, community organizations, and international corporations. Rick is a retired senior vice-president from one of the largest corporations in the world. His direct experience with human resources leadership in the business environment is fundamental to understanding the difference between basic management skills and transformational leadership abilities. Together they have spent more than 20 years teaching communities and parents how to bring those leadership skills from the workplace to their home life in a loving and supportive way. Both Elane and Rick are happy grandparents of 11!
  • There is no beginning date or expiration date for your course. Begin and end each module and the entire course whenever is most convenient to you! You may also repeat any module as often you need.
  • The course can be taken individually but is greatly enhanced by parents taking the course together. 
  • There are no quizzes or tests. Your own reflection and effort are the most important takeaways. Your student handbook will contain all of your exercises and notes, culminating in your personalized plan for success!

I’m ready to be a family leader!

Short on time?

If you’re interested in family leadership but don’t have time to go through quite everything yet, we have the perfect option. 

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