Managing vs. Leading Your Family

Managing is Different than Leading

Think about the various bosses you’ve had in your career. Which ones made you feel excited (or not) about your work? What did they do to make you feel that way? The good bosses went beyond managing your everyday tasks. They were true leaders.


  • Paint a picture of the future so that we want to make the picture a reality.
  • Mentor us and purposefully create dynamic environments in which we learn and grow.
  • Respectfully adjust actions when needed, while always retaining a clear set of values and focusing on the bigger picture of what can be.

Parents are the leaders of their families. Learning to be a great leader is within reach.

Parenting is About Managing and Leading

Our role as parents requires us to effectively manage everyday minutia…getting meals made, kids bathed, laundry done, etc…in order to function. When we’re in that mode, we just want to get the job done! Unfortunately, life can chase us down the path of continuously “just getting things done.” That leaves precious little time to consider our long-term vision for the strength of our family relationships and the values we are modeling for our children.

Often, the managing mentality becomes a habit.  Afterall, those routine behaviors pull us through,  checking off the items on our mental list of to-do’s. With the occasional vacation to break things up, we become satisfied with the routine and rightly feel that the family is doing fine. But “fine” is just that, fine.  Moving from “fine” to “better,” or even to “great,” can be an intimidating proposition. No matter the age of our children, the steps necessary to integrate daily life with the dream of thoughtful, capable, responsible children, requires commitment, thoughtfulness, and a plan.

Do you have a feeling deep down that even though your family is doing fine now, things could be better?

Parents Need Coaches, Too

We entrust the growth and development of our children to teachers and coaches in all sorts of ways. We expect those professionals to have training in specific fields and to give their best to our eager learners. Have you given yourself the chance to learn to be the best leader you can be?

Imagine if you had a coach to help you move from just surviving the week, to leading your family toward your goals?

Our self-paced online course guides you through the life-changing process of strategizing how to invest your time, energy, and resources for the good of your family over the long term. And if you want more, we have face-to-face courses that can help you be even better. Let us help you build your capability and confidence to be the parent you always wanted to be!

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