No Kids
For Now or Forever…

I don’t plan to have kids for a while.
Why should I take this class now?

Is ‘adulting’ something you’re nervous about? You’re thinking, “I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow much less in a few years.” Is thinking about the big picture and your long-term plans something you’d like guidance with?

This is it!

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then Birth2Work can help.  The Leading Your Child to Success course, can help you get a handle on the personal development concerns that may be holding you back from pursuing the life you want.  By working through some important life questions now, you will become a more confident and capable adult, partner, and, ultimately, parent.

There’s no possible way to have all the answers related to parenting before or even after having children. We’re all learning all the time, but the foundational elements of raising children are universal.

You can do this!

From the comfort of your own home, and on your own time, take your virtual place at the table with eight attendees of the class, as Elane V. Scott and Rick Stephens lead you through a multistep process for creating your unique plan for leading yourself and your family into the future.

As you watch each brief module, you’ll be asked to consider your own life journey, how you’ve chosen to engage with your family, work, and community thus far. Then, you’ll be lead piece by piece to create a plan for where you want to go with actionable steps for getting there.

One size does not fit all!

This isn’t a prescriptive class in which you are told: “Just do X, Y, and Z to be happy and successful.” Those types of solutions are often unrealistic and unsustainable. This is so much more. It’s real and it’s personal. The dreams you have and the values you hold have been created by your own life experiences.  Leading Your Child to Success challenges you to harness your power now for your own future and that of your family.

I have children who are special to me in my life.
Is this class relevant to us “aunties” and “uncles”?


Yes! This class is not just for parents, but for anyone regularly involved in the life of a child. Related by blood or not, children with whom you regularly engage look to you as an example of adult behavior and as a trusted resource. Your work, your communication with others, your engagement with the community, and your outlook on the future are being watched by the young people around you every time you are together.

“Framily” Matters

Today, many people choose not to have children of their own. That doesn’t take away, however, from the extraordinary repository of life experience, care, and mentorship that the adult friends and family – the “framily” – can be for the children close to them. Many parents, in fact, rely on these adults to serve as open ears, minds, and arms for their children in a counseling or mentorship capacity when their child needs to talk with someone other than a parent.  Many loving adults with a stake in the long-term growth and enrichment of the child, means a stronger network in support of the family as a whole.

The Leading Your Child to Success course will strengthen your confidence and capacity as a mentor in the life of any child you hold dear.

Heidi and Scott W.

“As a married couple we don’t have children of our own, but the work we do involved children of all ages and their families. Fur us, it was a blessing to understand other ways we can make a difference with them by being more comfortable and effective in engaging with them.”

When Parents Lead,
Children Succeed 

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