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10 Tips to Prepare Any Child at Home for Success in the Classroom

Learn from a master.


This special publication was created by Birth2Work’s Curriculum Director, Tamie Neu, a veteran school teacher of nearly 30 years in the Texas public school system.

The detailed guide highlights 10 topics that parents can address in the home environment to ensure children enter school ready to thrive. 



Filled with deeply relatable stories from Tamie’s classroom and own experiences as a mother of three boys, this guide paints a detailed picture of what children need from home in order to excel in their school environment year after year.

Inside You’ll find out how to:

Create a Rich Environment with Experiences to Engage Your Child 

Utilize Your Child’s Natural
“Windows of Opportunity”

Enlarge Their World

Let Your Healthy Lifestyle Be Their Example

Create a Plan for Family Media Use 

Be Sensitive to the Mental and Emotional Toll of Social Media 

Instill Confidence and Understanding through Media Literacy 

 Make Consistency a Priority in Your Home

 Understand How Your Behavior Impacts Your Children

 Support & Sustain Them


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Totally and completely. Birth2Work is a nonprofit organization, and we have made a commitment to sharing meaningful knowledge with our community.

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