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Stop Calling
Them Chores!

Perfect for parents with children of any age who want to STOP nagging about cleaning up and helping out! 

This premium guide isn’t just about convincing your children to do their chores. 

With this guide you can reach a place of calm and commitment with your family about why contributing to the family team effort is so important and not a chore at all.

We’ve included inspirational personal stories, checklists with age and capability specific tasks, actionable steps you can take right now, and coaching tips for both you and your child.

Let’s get started!

Guide overview

This is no ordinary sheet of tips and tricks! This is an extensive guide to help you see how skills and capabilities build on each other over time. Instead of only giving you a narrow perspective with info for only one age group, we’ve included the entire spectrum from young toddlers to older teenagers.

With tools like the included road map and checklists of skills by age, you’ll see just how easy it can be to help your child build genuine respect for themselves, their things, and their role in the family team. 

you’ll find practical examples of

how to model successful behavior

having realistic conversations

developmental milestones that relate to building and maintaining good habits

steps you can take to help your child successfully develop respect for and care of themselves and their possessions


strategies to introduce consequences (different than punishments) to behavior


A simple guide to make parenting life a whole lot easier.

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Is this totally free?

Totally and completely. Birth2Work is a nonprofit organization, and we have made a commitment to sharing meaningful knowledge with our community.

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