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Model Being the Adult You Want Your Child to Become

It feels natural for parents to want to make things better for their kids. However, the term “better” requires parsing. Does that mean parents want more education for their kids? More opportunities? Or simply to have more toys and fewer responsibilities than they had as kids?

In this program, a second interview with Janet Doman, Director of the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP), we reevaluate the opportunities parents have to make things better for their kids through their own thoughtful and enthusiastic teaching, not through toys. In alignment with the IAHP’s best practices, we discuss how to engage our children’s own natural curiosity to learn anywhere and everywhere. Further, we touch on the value of trusting our own natural parenting instincts for striving toward overall human excellence over relying on single process solutions for individual problems.  It is the work of the Institutes that continues to inspire us about what we can do to help children be capable and ready for the future. Our challenge is to be the adults we want our children to become.

Model Being the Adult You Want Your Child to Become

by Elane V. Scott & Rick Stephens | Janet Doman, part 2

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