Resources by age

Early Years

Before Baby - Age 3

These earliest years are singularly influenced in establishing your child’s long-term values and capabilities in life. Modeling the behaviors you want your children to follow when they are older is essential.

Young Ones

Kids Ages 4-8

School readiness is only a small part of a parent’s job in this phase. The foundation for essential life skills—emotional stability, personal accountability, self-esteem—is formed now. Be proactive and mindful in your approach.


Youth Ages 9-12

A child’s transition into adolescence can be challenging for parents who aren’t prepared for the sudden demand for independence.  As the family leader, you can be prepared to meet those challenges with credibility and respect. 


Youth Ages 13-Work (About 18)

If your child is already a teenager, you may think your window of influence is long gone. It’s not! While you still have daily face-to-face engagement, seize the opportunity to prepare your teen for a world that has very high expectations of them. It’s never too late to get started.



Children of all ages need role models they can trust. Technology is a powerful influence but it is fleeting and rarely personal. Grandparents, however, have wisdom, patience, and the encompassing love for their families that make them ideal mentors.

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