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Why Consequences Are Important

Why Consequences Are Important
Allowing our children to experience consequences is not about being a mean parent. It’s about preparing them for the future.
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Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Having a Perfect Holiday

Why You Shouldn't Worry About Having a Perfect Holiday
Family time can be crippling with the myth of the perfect holiday family. Turn it into joy by making memories with the small, shared experiences.
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Be Present for Your Children in Their First 3 Years by Making a Plan

Be present with your children
Be present the first years to build a relationship with your children. A plan allows you to get more out of these years, instead of barely surviving them.
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Parenting is Constant “Bootcamp”

Parenting is Constant "Bootcamp"
There is so much more to learning how to be a confident dad in the long term than learning how to swaddle your baby in “bootcamp.” Birth2Work can help.
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Who’s Responsible for Preparing Kids for Work?

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The idea that schools be solely responsible for preparing children for their future careers has never been less feasible. The need for us all to take an active role in the lives of society’s children is more important than ever.
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