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5 Classic Summer Activities for the Whole Family

5 Classic Summer Activities for the Whole Family

You can help your kids make new connections by giving them new experiences. It's just one way you can lead them toward a rich connection and passion for the world around them. 
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The 'Father Effect'

The ‘Father Effect’

The role of fathers is now being studied by scientists for it’s unique added value to the family. But moms and kids already knew that.
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What We Gain When We Struggle

What We Gain When We Struggle

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Overcoming our urges to step in and handle things for our kids - as toddlers or as teens - allows them to build confidence in themselves that lasts into adulthood.
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Who’s Responsible for Preparing Kids for Work?

The idea that schools be solely responsible for preparing children for their future careers has never been less feasible. The need for us all to take an active role in the lives of society’s children is more important than ever.
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Why Your Children Should Work

 Our role as parents is to create an environment where our children are enabled to define their own worth and value. In so doing they do not have to become entitled and reliant on someone else the rest of their lives. 
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Our mission is to enable anyone involved in the life of a child to become a confident leader in preparing children and families for a successful future. We embrace future parents, current parents, grandparents, and the beloved friends and community who help us raise all of our children together. Birth2Work is a federally recognized not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization (Tax ID# 51-0137861).

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