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Guardian Moms

Guardian Moms

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Do you know women who are caregivers and helpers making a difference in the lives of children? Please don’t forget to celebrate them this Mother’s Day, too!
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The Gift of Experience

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We really have many more things we can do as grandparents than buy stuff or sit idly while watching them watch some lighted screen. Below is a starter menu of ideas.
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The Point of Birth2Work for Me

My work life doesn’t look like other people’s and I tell [my daughter] why so she understands. Life is a series of choices and, after the insanity of my marriage/family death year, I didn’t want to be blown asunder again if I could help it.
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The Wisdom of Grandparents – Part 1

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Today, most of what passes as help for families on how to live a good life and shape the lives of those around them, is a cop out.
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Someone Has to Talk to Grandma

At a time when Swim Mama’s son is formulating his most significant impressions about the world, he doesn’t have the capacity to understand his grandmother’s sarcasm.
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