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Be Present for Your Children in Their First 3 Years by Making a Plan

Be present with your children
Be present the first years to build a relationship with your children. A plan allows you to get more out of these years, instead of barely surviving them.
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Parenting is Constant “Bootcamp”

Parenting is Constant "Bootcamp"
There is so much more to learning how to be a confident dad in the long term than learning how to swaddle your baby in “bootcamp.” Birth2Work can help.
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In Agreement: A Response to “The case for having kids” – Wajahat Ali | TED2019

In Agreement: A Response to "The case for having kids" - Wajahat Ali | TED2019
Though the reasons for having children are deeply personal, Ali’s message here is meaningful. He calls on us to carry on life, because otherwise, what’s the point?
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