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In the Media – “Logged off: meet the teens who refuse to use social media”

girl at table doing homework looking at camera
As a parent to a six-year-old girl, the statistics I read regularly about the detriment social media is on young people, especially teenage girls, scream “CAUTION!” at me every day.
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How to Make the Most of Adolescence

Just like in the toddler years, adolescence is a time in which the human brain is primed to learn through experience.
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Social Media and Your Child’s Brain: Why You Need to Pay Attention

Parents need to pull back the curtain on social media – exposing tactics being used to get tweens and teens hooked.
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What Do Employers Want of Today’s Grads?

To add value to the workplace, job candidates must be able to move freely between many different worlds of knowledge, both familiar and not.
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