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I Am Who I Am Because of Mom

I Am Who I Am Because of Mom

Our kids may not always have the thought to stop and ask us about who we are, but they are watching what we do!
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5 Ways to Prepare Your Teen for Financial Independence

We all want our kids to become confident, capable adults. To do that we must demystify what it means for them to be financially self-sufficient.
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Spring Clear Your Space

Springtime is a great time to go through rooms and living spaces to clear clutter. If you spring-clean, then this will make that job easier.
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The Point of Birth2Work for Me

My work life doesn’t look like other people’s and I tell [my daughter] why so she understands. Life is a series of choices and, after the insanity of my marriage/family death year, I didn’t want to be blown asunder again if I could help it.
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What do 1830 and Easter Have to Do with Each Other?

It’s rare to find a teen who wants to live at home after high school. … They want their independence. But asking a teen if they are ready to be on their own will most likely elicit a different response.
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