Youth 13 to Work

Families with kids 13-Work
Why should we take this class?


It’s too late! My kids are teens!

On the verge of launching out on their own, your teenagers may now feel beyond your realm of influence. It isn’t true. Now is the time you are most responsible for engaging and anchoring your child in the world all around them: civics, economics, personal care, and responsibility to others.

During adolescence (roughly 12-23), young people start to establish who they are and who they want to be as adults. As the parent, you can facilitate a regular stream of real-life experience to which they can apply their expanding cognitive and social capabilities. in so doing, you can have conversations and create opportunities for them to develop their own expectations for the future and their place in it. 

The future is easy. They’ll go to college. They’ll get a job and be a success. Maybe…

Is it really that easy? Well…maybe. First, you have to define what “success” means for you and for your child. If you define success as your child becoming the first in your family to attend college, then putting in place all the necessary elements to get your child there is, indeed, a monumental family effort!

Perhaps you define “success” in terms of finances. Is making ‘X’ amount of money as soon as possible the primary target? Perhaps success is defined through personal fulfillment.  College (and its myriad obstacles) may provide opportunities to achieve both of those goals. For many, however, it does not. A college degree is not a guarantee of financial success or personal fulfillment. 

People who achieve success – and maintain it long term – do more than acquire information in a classroom setting. They use critical and creative thinking skills to integrate information, solve problems, and add value to any group they are a part of. The only way they learn to do that is through real-life experiences. Retail summer jobs, professional internships, job-shadowing, technical training programs, time with a mentor, and university programs, are all opportunities to learn the skills and find a successful path for your child. 

  It’s never too early and it’s never too late to gather the reins on your family’s future. 

You can establish yourself as a capable and confident leader at any time! Birth2Work’s Leading Your Child to Success course will guide you in putting together your personal portfolio of values, health, and engagement. You are not just raising a child, but a citizen of the future. Set them up to achieve their own definition of success no matter what the future may hold!