Youth 9 to 12 years old

Don’t be caught off gaurd

Whereas early childhood allowed for your assistance in the identity building and independence of your young child, their transition to adolescence can be challenging for parents who aren’t prepared for the sudden demand for independence. As the family leader, you can be prepared to meet those challenges with credibility and respect.

Leading Your Child to Success:
Transferring Family Values 101

Independence at 10?

While not likely seeking complete emancipation yet, adolescents begin to understand the commodity of social rules and cues. Peer gatherings, family functions, and first jobs each have rewards and consequences for certain behaviors.

How will your child navigate these waters without you leading them forward? Now is the time for you to lay out the varied rules for engagement in order to set them up for success.

How do I know what the current rules of engagement are?

The only rules you are responsible for, are those that you’ve identified for yourself and your family. Birth2Work’s course, Leading Your Child to Success will guide you through the individual process of transferring your own family values in order to enable your child’s success in the future.

Whether you want to do things differently than how you were raised, or identically, having your individual portfolio of dreams and your plan of how to achieve them will give you the support you need to confidently lead your child to the future.

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